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How about 3X on your Amazon sales?

Amazon associate? Boost your income on your content, with the new widget from Txtrider!

Txtrider’s ‘Affiliates on steroids’ is a link-builder widget that displays all the vital information about Amazon products with an emphasis on  product ratings and reviews – the most valuable information for your readers – and places them in-text, next to relevant keywords – such as the product name or category (See it live).

Txtrider widget - closed
Txtrider widget – closed
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Txtrider widget – open


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Does it work?

Yes it does! the Txtrider widget for Amazon affiliates generates 3% conversion and 3-4 times sales on existing content!

Why should it work?

It’s simple – your customers, like most consumers today, base their purchase decisions on product ratings and reviews. When you make this information native in your content, you simply tune in to that extra push they need, to make a purchase decision. That’s why Txtrider not only increases the traffic you generate, it also makes for more qualified leads of informed customers, that end up in purchase.





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