5 good reasons for harnessing the power of online reviews


5 reasons to harness the power of online reviews to your sales

and 5 ways to do that

Well, you already set up your Amazon associates website to promote products, done your homework on SEO, categories and niches, UX/UI and promotion – what else can you do to beef up Amazon sales through your websites?

You might as well make use of the most effective marketing tool out there – ratings and reviews. Amazon has Millions of products – and almost each and every one of them is reviews by consumers who bought the products. Amazon had consumer ratings and reviews since 1995 (!) and for a reason… reviews are the driving force behind e-commerce.

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Why incorporate online reviews on your website?
1. Online reviews are the most effective marketing tool out there – numerous research have proved that consumers (yours too!) believe ratings and reviews above all other source of information and this includes ads, newsletters and definitely more than what the brand itself has to say about a product…
2. The importance of consumer reviews to customer purchase decisions is increasing every year. Reviews have become a critical milestone in the customer’s journey; A Pew center research shows that half of adults under 50 routinely check online reviews before buying new items which means they will want to see reviews before they click on an Amazon ad in your website.
3. Having the next step in the customer journey on premises in your site generates a more qualitative lead – because they’ve made their decision on your website. This boost both the conversion rate and your rating with Amazon itself!
4. Since ratings and reviews are constantly updated, this means renewed content on your website, which means more contribution to your SEO.
5. Last but not least – peer reviews are information your readers are interested in and trust. This means more time on page (more for your SEO!) and more trust in your content. Your not just shoving and ad in their faces – your giving them relevant information which they want.


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So now, how do you enrich your content with online reviews?
1. Show the real thing – make sure you display ratings and reviews from trusted sources – brands matter to consumers when it comes to relying on customer reviews. If you’re an Amazon affiliate, for example – the best is to show Amazon’s ratings and reviews – it’s by far the most powerful product reviews brand for many reasons one of them being that Amazon take their review platform seriously. You can hook up Amazon reviews to your website with Txtrider.
2. Show it as it is – never manipulate or mess reviews or ratings! Why? Because the consumer can easily call your bluff if they research just a little bit further. Reviews are all about credibility – yours as well as the third party.
3. Show it all – And here’s another point to consider – a full 5-star rating is not always a win. A perfect 5, even more so when based on a few has a fishy smell to it which your readers will notice. Consumers appreciate and believe a product or business who has their faults (to a degree, of course). Showing all colors of ratings and reviews on your content transcends reliability and transparency.
4. Show what’s relevant – to make your readers get a positive experience on your content, which will turn out even more productive – for them and for you, make sure you attach ratings and reviews for products you discuss in your blog (website or content). Relevance is a must.
5. Show it with style – not too close, not too many. You know your readers and where exactly is the limit between useful information to harassment. So keep a safe space of at least 10 words between each mention and limit the total number of links to a reasonable amount, relative to the text quantity.

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